London walks, nature in spring, hidden treasures

After some weeks traveling and immerse in new projects, I am finally find a little time and to seat down to go back to blogging.  I am working on some new ideas for posts, but meanwhile and because I am also working in my archive, I want to publish reportages from previous years that were part of another projects.
This first one is from London, is part of a activity I documented, a series of walks to some hidden green areas in the city: parks, community gardens, nature reserves, that are providing the city with nature spaces for wildlife and leisure time.

This first post is from late May, spring was blooming and shows some details of the first walk.  The area is Camden/King's Cross-St. Pancras, a vibrant and full of regenerating energy area in North London, that in late years has been designated to house new urban and creative models for the development of the metropolis.

The walk started at Camden St., just the first stop to experience a glimpse of what was going to be the rest of walks in subsequent days.  Here are few images, with details of nature overtaking some façades, buildings and even the streets, some times in very original ways!

This walk ended at the first proper garden to visit, St. Pancras Old Church Garden where you can visit The Soane Mausoleum, designed by Sir John Soane RA (1753-1837), architect of vary famous historic buildings.  He designed this site honoring the memory of his wife dead in 1815, and where he is also buried.

Next post is about a complete different experience, Camley Street Natural Park is the area where nature thrives at is best, is a sanctuary for wildlife, but all surrounded by urban edifications.  I huge challenge!


Great pictures! I am also loving your Couture and Textiles photos.
lula said…
Thank Cindy, and sorry for late reply, I have been working hard in the new project with little time for blogging. Today I publish is a second part of the story.
PlantPostings said…
How did I miss this post? A lovely stroll through a city I enjoyed immensely. Thanks for the tours and the memories. :)
lula said…
Thanks Beth! Then wait for the next ones, you will like them also.